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The 4×4 series on place-making and the built environment: Money

I attended 3 out of 4 of the 4×4 series of discussions in Manchester in May of this year. The series is about promoting real debate about cities, bringing speakers from a range of built environment related backgrounds together. This year … Continue reading

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Domestic: personal, social and intimate perspectives revealed

In early November I attended two pieces of work as part of the Domestic programme, from Word of Warning. The whole programme was sited in a block of flats in Hulme, Manchester. Field Test in Garageland by Alex Bradley and … Continue reading

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Communication between strangers; exploring 2D visual modelling to represent conceptual ideas

I recently had a stimulating conversation with artist Susanne Palzer, who’s based in Sheffield at Bloc Studios. During our conversation we were discussing issues around communication and information exchange in relation to our work. Following the meeting Susanne sent me … Continue reading

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Valuable tool for measuring qualities in public space; exploring 2D visual modelling to represent conceptual ideas

On the Value in the Neighbourhood residency in collaboration in Ellen Holleman we explored the idea of Place Capital and of Asset Mapping. In relation to this, I’ve been doing some further reading recently and have found an interesting diagram as an online … Continue reading

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Nothing ventured…‘interlocal’ projects potential to contribute to building up Place Capital

Marijana Rimanic from Pogon in Zagreb, Croatia also gave a presentation as part of the Nothing ventured… seminars in June. She described the Corners of Europe project which involves around 9 cultural institutions and over 20 artists from across Europe. … Continue reading

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The significance of exploring how we relate to each other as strangers

A significant area of thinking came up for me during the Beyond Glorious conference within the discussion following Helen Iball, Sarah Amsler and Sophie Hope’s presentations. The question – how do we relate as strangers to each other? was asked. In … Continue reading

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