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Learning map-making using GIS software: some socio-cultural analyses of Leeds

Just sharing some more of my learning from the MSC in Urban Regeneration and Development*. One of the first courses I undertook last Oct 2014, was entitled Monitoring and Analysis of Spatial Policy. This course taught how to create accurate … Continue reading

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Citizens for Change, Leeds – exploring the relationship between the artist and the activist #2

I’ve been exploring the use of sociograms as a way to represent the relationships between participants and relationships between myself and participants in a recent project of mine. I like how they can describe communication channels, spheres of influence, strong … Continue reading

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Future Everything #2 – Moritz Stefaner

The conference was packed with presentations and I’m going to put down some thoughts around a couple of speakers in particular. The first is Moritz Stefaner, who described himself as a data visualiser. ‘I am interested in information aesthetics, interactive … Continue reading

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