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Intimate photography exhibition – ‘Separate + Together: bringing June Street to Miles Platting’

On Friday 16th June, I attended the opening day of a significant photographic exhibition Separate + Together: Bringing June Street to Miles Platting taking place in the church hall of Church of the Apostles in Miles Platting. It brings together … Continue reading

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Exploring Makeshift Productions of Urban Space #2

Following on from the previous blog… Tonkiss outlines how these alternative productions of urban space* are not just about making do for the time being, their ‘rigged up’-ness is an integral component of their existence, these projects are pragmatic: they … Continue reading

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Exploring Makeshift Productions of Urban Space #1

During the Urban and Planning Theory reading I’ve been doing recently, I’ve been taken with Fran Tonkiss’s concept ‘The Makeshift City’*. She writes about alternative productions of urban space, where communities and sometimes professionals are attempting to make the city … Continue reading

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Making connections in Bristol – Scott Farlow

Whilst in Bristol, I also met up with artist Scott Farlow. We were meeting for the first time, and found we had several interests in common. He has a deep interest in space and place, ‘the edges, the margins… the … Continue reading

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The significance of exploring how we relate to each other as strangers

A significant area of thinking came up for me during the Beyond Glorious conference within the discussion following Helen Iball, Sarah Amsler and Sophie Hope’s presentations. The question – how do we relate as strangers to each other? was asked. In … Continue reading

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Thinking space: blurring the boundary between art practice and social activism

Another stimulating presentation at Beyond Glorious Conference was a project led by Luis Solero-Castro. At the heart of Beyond Glorious was debate around the links between art practice and social activism. Luis works at the University of East London, and … Continue reading

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Thinking space: connectivity and radical democracy

I recently took part in Rajni Shah Projects Beyond Glorious Conference. An enrichening 4 days of conversations, ideas and connectivity. One presentation I was particularly taken with was that from Sarah Amsler, based at Lincoln University in the Centre for Educational … Continue reading

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