About Waymarking


WAYMARKING acts as a catalyst and an engine for;

  • Facilitating communities to participate in exploring and developing their neighbourhoods
  • Making connections and enabling dialogue and collaboration across disciplines
  • Exploring performance/the performative in place-making and place-shaping

Waymarking has a programme and it provides services.

Waymarking’s programme  focuses on performance in the built environment/public realm. It is about making, presenting, researching performance / performative work (including socially engaged practice) – that is dependent on the city, the cityscape and the built environment/public realm.

This work enacts its own meaning only when experienced/seen in the context of the fabric of the city and;

Its architecture

Its people/citizens

Its public spaces

Its private spaces

Its politics

Its social history

Its movement/flow

Its commerce


Waymarking provides a range of services;

  • arts & cultural consultancy
  • arts & regeneration consultancy
  • community development
  • professional development/training
  • projects and events development/management
  • strategic development
  • research & evaluation
  • facilitation