Agency, empowerment and the role of co-production when working with community groups #2

This post is number two in a set of three posts on co-production. I attended an interesting event focussed on debating the values and principles underpinning co-production, ran by research group Jam and Justice earlier this year in Manchester. I was particularly interested in two sets of co-production values/principles identified at the event.

Jam and Justice’s description of co-production values TERRAPINS (originally developed by Catherine Durose and Liz Richardson):

  • Transparent
  • Engaged
  • Respect for expertise
  • Relational
  • Asset-based
  • Positive sum (meaning no-one wins at someone else’s expense)
  • Iterative
  • Not decided in advance
  • Self-aware

IMG_1914 - cropped

And a set of additional principles was identified through the Elephant Project (a Greater Manchester based co-production project) – here I have added some of the unpacking of each term – please see the image for detail:

  • Diversity (diversity of people is important for high quality)
  • Strength (everyone has skills, knowledge and other qualities to offer)
  • Power (leadership, support, resources must come from everyone involved)
  • Testing (it’s important to test new ideas early on; and continue to test them)
  • Knowledge (first-hand experience is as valuable as professional or academic knowledge)
  • Relationships (positive relationships require time, respect and trust)

IMG_1915 - amended

Image credits: 1. Jam and Justice & 2. Elephant Project

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