Intimate photography exhibition – ‘Separate + Together: bringing June Street to Miles Platting’

On Friday 16th June, I attended the opening day of a significant photographic exhibition Separate + Together: Bringing June Street to Miles Platting taking place in the church hall of Church of the Apostles in Miles Platting.

P1020545 amended 600

It brings together photographic works by Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr taken in 1973 of people in their homes in Salford, alongside photographs of the local area and new portraiture of local people in Miles Platting, taken in 2017 by David Jones (who is also the curator of this exhibition).

P1020542 amended 600

There are some powerful portraits in the exhibition: a fascinating glimpse into a moment in time in 1970s Salford, alongside intimate of portraits of local older people in the Miles Platting area in Manchester. The event was attended by a gathering of local people, some of whom were in the recent portraits by Jones.

P1020535 - amended 600.jpg

Image credits: Sarah Spanton, showing works by Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr and David Jones

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