Thinking about networks, nodes, lines and junctions

I’ve been strangely fascinated with the St Peter’s Square tram development in Manchester city centre this summer. For several months the tram system hasn’t been operating through the centre of the city, due to the laying of new track, in order to bring a new route through the city in the autumn.

IMG_0588 - 600

IMG_0586 - 600

IMG_0584 - 600

I feel excited by the nodal nature of the new tram exchange. It previously had just one line running through the square, it will now have two. The new branch leads towards Victoria station, and affords the tram network more connectivity and flexibility. For some, as yet unclear reason, I am highly excited by this new development in Greater Manchester’s public transport/mass transit network.

My interest could be to do with the idea of the network and with the possibilities being expanded – allowing people to travel via more routes to their destinations. These lines of thought have been arising since the workshop I held at Edge Hill station in Liverpool – which has many railway lines travelling through it. I hope these thoughts will develop further when I work in Crewe in the autumn, as it’s a town renowned for its extensive railway junction.

Image credits: Sarah Spanton


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