Meeting at Stave Hill Eco Park: possibilities and potentials

On Sunday July 6th the discussion expanded to include a larger group, who met and talked at Stave Hill Eco Park, a fantastic space hidden away in amongst housing in Rotherhithe. Artists introducing themselves included Christian Nold, Daniel Lehan, Josée Dubeau, Sisters from another Mister (Milda, Michelle and Amelia), Gail Astbury, Miyuki Kasahara, Calum F. Kerr, Stephen Ounanian, Grant Smith, Carla Wright, Beth Elliott and Adam Walker.

I was particularly inspired by the live audio feeds presented to the group by Grant Smith. It was deeply pleasurable listening to a live feed from somewhere else in the world. And strangely exciting to listen to the sounds from a window-sill in another city somewhere else in the world, that I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever see. I can see great creative potential in this.

This meeting initiated of a set of conversations looking at the potentials and possibilities of an artist-led urban / semi-urban walking trail in London.





Image credits: Sarah Spanton

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