Gravesend to Tilbury… traversing the outskirts of London with ‘counterproductions’

On the 5th and 6th July, I travelled down to London to take part in Detours2London.

Hosted by counterproductions director Charlie Fox, a group of around 15 artists were brought together to talk through ideas around the creation of an urban/semi-urban public trail led by artists in London.

In 2013, Charlie was based near Avignon and invited a group of artists to research projects in Marseille, and the publication Detours Artistic journeys into, through and after Marseille-Provence 2013 presents these works through images and essays.

Charlie’s consideration of a London-based trail, has been inspired by the work of a group of Marseille-based artists (led by Baptiste Lanaspeze) – where a 300 km trail the GR 2013 has been created and launched during Marseille’s year as European Capital of Culture (2013).

So, on Saturday a small group of us (Charlie Fox, Daniel Lehan, Josée Dubeau, Sarah Sparkes and I) set out for Gravesend, with an urban trail in mind. And took the ferry to Tilbury.

Tilbury Gravesend track 5.7.14






For additional images and maps – go to

Image credits: Sarah Spanton


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