Taking photographs in cities in the UK and Europe – Doors and Gates #1

Here some of my images focussing on doors and gates taken in recent years. I’ve long had a fascination with them, especially their visual, textural and physical qualities. I think this is because of their significance in terms of marking the threshold between public and private space, or between inside and the outside.

Door – a usually hinged or sliding panel that fits into an entrance to a room or building and which can be opened to allow people in or out or closed for privacy, protection against the weather etc

Gate – the usually hinged frame or door that that closes an opening in a wall or fence.

From: Longman Dictionary of the English Language, Longman Group Limited, Merriam-Webster Inc, 1984 (2nd ed.)


Zagreb, 2012


Zaandam, 2013


St Denis, 2011


Rotterdam, 2013



About waymarkingthesketchbook

Sarah Spanton is director of arts organisation Waymarking - www.waymarking.org.uk
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