Making connections in Bristol – Scott Farlow

Whilst in Bristol, I also met up with artist Scott Farlow. We were meeting for the first time, and found we had several interests in common. He has a deep interest in space and place, ‘the edges, the margins… the suburban interface between city and countryside and the local distinctiveness therein’. As an artist he works in the public realm, and often alongside local people, as well as in collaboration with other artists. Scott’s back ground includes landscape architecture. I find his socially engaged work thoughtful, layered, and full of rich texture.

Some of his more recent work is in rural contexts such as the Pippin Project in Wiltshire, celebrating the value of orchards and their significance in the locality with young people.

Another project for and with young people is ‘Ironworks; a creative journey in Westbury’, commissioned as part of a proposed housing development. Which explored ways of revealing the past and present local identity of the town of Westbury to the new community coming to live there.

Scott westbury 1

Scott westbury 2

Scott westbury 3

Image Credit: Scott Farlow



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