Making connections in Bristol – Laura Kriefman

On a recent trip to Bristol (March 2014), whilst waiting for choreographer Laura Kriefman in Bristol’s Roll for the Soul, a great community cafe and bike workshop, I was struck by some inspiring poster quotes, such as;

‘Cherish the past,

Adorn the present,

Construct for the future’

By architect Clough Williams-Ellis

And the Bristol Cycle Festival slogan – ‘Our chains set us free’.

cycle_fest_poster_img - cropped

Image credit:

Laura and I had met briefly a couple of years ago, in Zagreb, at IETM’s plenary there. We resolved to meet up again, and this was our opportunity.

Choreographer and director of Guerilla Dance Project, a dance company based at the Pervasive Media Studio, Laura’s dance projects link the public with technology through dance and movement. She collaborates closely with other artists from across disciplines and integrates new sound and light technologies into costume and even through the floor, for dancers perform on, such as in new work ‘Kicking the Mic’.

I’m interested in what Laura’s up to, as she also collaborates beyond the arts, such as in her project Hidden Fields, described as a sci-art collaboration, presenting how people’s energy fields interact with the otherwise invisible atomic world, ‘bringing together gaming, science, dance and people’.

Guerrilla image

Image credit: Guerrilla Dance Project


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