Nothing ventured…‘interlocal’ projects potential to contribute to building up Place Capital

Marijana Rimanic from Pogon in Zagreb, Croatia also gave a presentation as part of the Nothing ventured… seminars in June.

She described the Corners of Europe project which involves around 9 cultural institutions and over 20 artists from across Europe. The programme so far has comprised 4 ‘expeditions’ where artists have travelled as a group to the ‘outer regions of Europe’ such as Georgia, Bosnia and Macedonia. Artists undertook encounters with local people and began research on making new work, which in a second phase will be presented in unconventional public spaces back in those areas that they originally visited.

Marijana highlighted the way that the idea of the ‘inter-local’ has been raised through this international project where artists are exchanging ideas and thinking with local people in the places they’ve visited.

This is a notion that is about paying attention to the ‘local’, the specificities and particularities of a place, about being aware of the differences from one area to another. How by paying attention to this, a project can be both beyond the nation state (international) and simultaneously specific and particular to the place it arises out of.

This reminds of some of the thinking Ellen Holleman and I were doing during the Value in the Neighbourhood residency. The notion of the ‘interlocal’ connects to the notion of Place Capital. Where places are acknowledged to be ‘inherently immobile, grounded – with qualities and distinctiveness of their own’, where the people who live and work in a place are not passive consumers of it, but share in the realisation, activation and the wealth of it.

Following Marijana’s presentation, it seemed to me that artists who work in an ‘interlocal’ way could be contributing to the building of Place Capital in that locality and as we stated on our VIN blog ‘Thus, communities can build up and leverage other kinds of capital, develop economically, innovate and increase their resilience and sustainability’.

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Image credits: Jonathan Turner

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