The significance of exploring how we relate to each other as strangers

A significant area of thinking came up for me during the Beyond Glorious conference within the discussion following Helen Iball, Sarah Amsler and Sophie Hope’s presentations. The question – how do we relate as strangers to each other? was asked. In other words how do we as people who are strangers relate to each other? What resonated for me was, what is it about relating to each other when we are strangers, that is important to take note of, or to pay attention to?

We are all strangers at some point during a day, and being a stranger depends on the context of a situation. Strangers can be people who are from different cultures, work in different fields, have different political views, live in a different city, country, or who are neighbours on the same street but just don’t know each other… yet.

As an artist seeking to work with communities to facilitate how communities explore their urban living needs in the current climate, paying attention to how strangers relate to each other, seems to me to be paramount.



Image credit: Sarah Spanton, video still from Verse: Voices: Vistas

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Sarah Spanton is director of arts organisation Waymarking -
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