Urban Creative Practice in Montpellier

I met several creative professionals when in Montpellier, my first visit to the city. I had met Pierre Talagrand in St Denis (in August 2011). Pierre is one half of the design duo Mr&Mr www.mr-mr.fr – product designers who are about to launch a series of new products (Alex Lautier is the other half of the pair).

Pierre introduced me to several architects and designers; Baptiste Genoyer and Adrien Revel of architects practice Start www.startxii.eu, architect Marie Ameot and photographer Cecile Mella.

We visited the car park at Les Halles Laissac, which Baptiste and Adrien hope to be able to explore as a space for creative, social and participatory projects. Baptiste and Adrien are currently producing design work for Montpellier’s new contemporary arts space opening next year La Panacee.

We also met landscape designer Miguel Coloco, one member of sustainable urban design project Coloco, www.coloco.org. Coloco will be part of a Marseille-based Creative Neighbourhoods project next year, working on a new urban garden in partnership with Theatre du Merlan www.merlan.org.


Charlie Fox and Pierre Talagrand, Montpellier



Les Halles Laissacs, car park, Montpellier



Les Halles Laissacs, car park roof top, Montpellier



Les Halles Laissacs, view from car park rooftop, Montpellier



La Panacee, Montpellier



Hairdressers, Montpellier


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Sarah Spanton is director of arts organisation Waymarking - www.waymarking.org.uk
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