Future Everything #2 – Moritz Stefaner

The conference was packed with presentations and I’m going to put down some thoughts around a couple of speakers in particular. The first is Moritz Stefaner, who described himself as a data visualiser. ‘I am interested in information aesthetics, interactive visualization, and how the web transforms our understanding of information’. http://moritz.stefaner.eu/

I found his visualisations very beautiful and was interested in his approach to manifesting data visually, he described embracing data and dealing with it. He outlined a project for the OECD in detail: http://www.oecdbetterlifeindex.org/ . He talked of aiming for images that are both elegant and informative at the same time. He used a German concept Prägnanz; which means concise, characteristic, clearly shaped, succinct, elegant. I felt his work and his approach had integrity.

Image from Future Everything website, image credit Moritz Stefaner:



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