Activism and social change workshop #3

Chris’ presentation was fascinating and engaging on a number of levels, but a couple of other things really stood out for me.

1. Through his researches working with people in a range of activist fields, he found that people often begin from within or working for a particular sub-cultural group – defined in the workshop as ‘a group of peoples with a culture (whether distinct or hidden) which differentiates/makes them different from the larger (dominant) culture to which they belong’. Those who succeed in social change, find that they may need to work outside that group and connect with others that they don’t always entirely agree with, in order to affect the social change they desire.

2. That his ‘Ontology or 4 ways of being’ describing characteristics prevalent in activists highlighted the role of the activist as facilitator, broker, translator. This links very closely to the work I’ve been doing with Richard Sobey, Executive Producer of IOU Theatre ( – where we’ve been discussing what we mean by creative facilitation – its value and uses, especially in international contexts.

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