Activism and social change workshop #2

At the outset of the workshop Chris outlined his own background in the form of a chronological timeline (shaped like a fishbone, moving left to right) – telling us of the influences in his life as an activist, which had shaped where he is now. He made particular note of the people he’s associated/hung out with, the things/ideas he’s been passionate about, the experiences that have felt like violations, and the people/experiences that have felt like gifts.

At the outset of the event Chris asked the group to be generous to each other, to listen and to be prepared to make ourselves vunerable. He asked that if we were extrovert to try not to speak all the time, and if introvert to try to step forward and speak. I found this a very clear way to manage bringing a group of disparate people together to share their thoughts and feelings in emotive areas.

We all then did the fishbone timeline activity thinking of our own associations, passions, gifts and violations and then shared it with a small group of people we didn’t know. This was a very interesting and valuable way of thinking about one’s life and practice in relation to social activism.

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