A framework for experimentation

I told the audience at ‘Live Art Meets Choreography’, that I’m interested in the idea that we should all seek to challenge ourselves, to take a risk every now and then – that’s both as audience and as artists. I asked the 5 artists to embrace the definition of choreography I’d set out (in March Blog 1) – to use it as a creative framework within which to experiment.

The 5 performances variously:

  • Had a sense of immediacy, of live-ness, of being in the moment
  • Were committed to the visceral
  • Fully inhabited the space
  • Responded directly to, and with the audience
  • Worked into the repetitive
  • Made ‘action’ paramount

Image: Victoria Firth



About waymarkingthesketchbook

Sarah Spanton is director of arts organisation Waymarking - www.waymarking.org.uk
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