Precarious-ness #2

Whilst continuing to think about precarity, I’ve been wondering about making a link to some of the qualities that some creative people show; being prepared to take risks, enjoying a challenge, being versatile and flexible in times of change. It might be that people with these personal qualities might handle states of precarity well, that the state of precarious-ness doesn’t only have negative value (see Precarious-ness #2).

In some ways I see the state of precarity as on one end of a continuum, with stability (fixed-ness or concrete-ness) at the other end. In my practice I’ve tended to make work that inhabits the place in between fixed binary opposites, being interested in the territory that shifts and vibrates between the two. (See I wonder whether a state of precarity sometimes has positive values and sometimes negative depending on the context. Could thinking about and re-understanding this term on an individual and simultaneously a societal level be part of a new way of addressing how we need to live our lives?


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