Precarious-ness #1

I’ve recently attended a discussion group ran by the ‘Really Open University’, held at Space Project ( on Mabgate Green Leeds (16.2.12). The discussion was around ‘Debt, austerity and precarity’, exploring what these terms mean.

I was very interested in the term precarity, being used here in terms of labour precarity, which describes how much work is now temporary, part-time, short term – where people can loose a job over a weekend, where workers rights are very limited – causing extreme insecurity.

I’ve started to think about the meaning of precarity/precariousness. One definition of the word precarious in Longmans Dictionary of the English Language (1984) is ‘characterised by a lack of security or stability’. I’m interested in the obvious sense of negativity that precarious-ness has in this context of work, yet how it has positive values from a creative perspective.


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