Compass Symposium #3

At the Assembly, I commented that I felt that the Symposium might act as a nodal point within the web of personal/professional connections we all have. And that those attending the Symposium would take their thinking back to different parts of the UK (and beyond) and to their different disciplines. It is my hope that in 5 years time participants might look back and remember that it was the Symposium where they met a new collaborator, or made an interesting connection or remembered that the Symposium supported a valuable shift in practice.

Other activities that took place over the weekend were;

  • A discussion on Touring Live Art, led by OUI Performance and Victoria Firth of Lawrence Batley Theatre.
  • Also a session on group thinking and creativity, entitled Bohmian Dialogue led by Hester Reeve, supported by New Work Network.
  • All participants attended parts of the Compass Live Art Festival programme – taking place across the city centre.
  • The Final Plenary where Gillian Dyson, made a presentation as part of her role as Auditeur in Residence – commenting on her experience of the Symposium as a whole.
Image 1 = Plenary, by Jonathan Turner
Image 2 = Assembly, by Jonathan Turner


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