Compass Symposium #1

A couple of weeks ago the Compass Live Art programme culminated in a weekend of activity around the public realm and socially engaged practice – 25-27 Nov, Leeds. I was the director of the Compass Symposium and Annie Lloyd was the director of the Compass Live Art Festival.

The Symposium brought around 100 people from across the UK together from a range of disciplines and experiences; performers, artists, architects, geographers, curators and more. The focus was on live art as socially engaged practice and live art in the public realm. The Workshop-Discussions were informative and practical; carefully designed to ensure all participants could contribute to sharing and reflecting on practice, allowing dialogue to dig down into issues – proving beneficial for all those taking part.

The heart of the Symposium programme was a series of 4 Workshop-Discussions;

  • Sensing The City
  • Politics of Access
  • Intentions and Un-intentions
  • Intimacy and Generosity

Image 1/2 = Sensing The City, by Lisa Jeffreys

Image 3 = Politics of Access, by Jonathan Turner





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