Creative Transition #2

As part of continuing to think about how to support people to thrive, and not just survive I’m interested in the Transition Handbook notion of re-skilling; where people re-learn how to cook, sew, mend a bike – basic skills that people in all communities used to know how to do, but which skills have often been lost for several generations.

“Some research is useful, in terms of what skills people used to have that might still be appropriate, as well as looking at the skills people have or need now. These Reskilling events fulfil a few different functions:
• They bring people together, relaxing and learning new skills
• They build networks
• They build a fundamental sense of ‘can do’
• They can create a link between old and young, as skills are passed on”

I plan that future Waymarking projects take on this concept of re-skilling – through engaging and enjoyable performance-based processes relevant to city-dwellers.


About waymarkingthesketchbook

Sarah Spanton is director of arts organisation Waymarking -
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